The Rouge Awards 2018 – Announcement

Round Awards Poster

The 2nd annual Rouge Awards is a set of awards given to the residents of Second Life in the achievements in Fashion, Home & Garden, and more. It was first developed in 2016 and it kicked off in January 2017 as a monthly award in only five categories. This new year the awards has been re-organized and upgraded to showcase Second Life. The purpose of the award is to recognize the excellence in all walks of the virtual world.

Rouge Special Awards

Rouge Honorary Award 2018 [Receipt is Nola Hellershanks for Fifty5 Thursday]
The honorary award is for someone we would like to honor in Second Life. It is given to a person or organization that has accomplished and given valuable contributions to Second Life throughout the years. This award is open to anyone in Second Life.

Rouge Achievement Award 2018 [Receipt is June Monteiro for .: JUMO:. Luxury Fashion House]
The achievement award is for someone who has achieved a great deal in Second Life. It is given to a person or organization that has accomplished significant contributions in their category such as fashion, home and garden, or virtual life related.

Rouge Humanitarian Award 2018 [Receipt is Barbie Alchemi for Creations For Parkinsons]
This humanitarian award is for someone we would like to honor in Second Life. It is given to a person or organization that has accomplished significant contributions in the category of charity work in Second Life. It can be the owner of the charity itself, volunteer, builder or a designer who has helped over the years. 


Nomination Ballot will open from Aug 20th and to close Sep 8th on midnight slt
If you do not want to nominate in a category then type skip question.

Rouge Awards Guidelines
Nomination Voting Ballot


Step 1 – Joining the Club
In order to join The Rouge Awards Club the person(s) must be nominated. Do not confuse the word club with the actual venue because this is not one. It is a page created for past nominees. Anyone is welcome to join the mail list (newsletter) through our website.

Step 2 – Becoming Eligible
In order to become eligible for a nomination the person(s) must have at least 5 nominations from the public to secure a spot on the ballot. All public votes will be counted for and only those that are fully eligible will receive the nomination. Each category has the same set of rules. We will also background check to make sure the brand and or business is legit and active. Closed business of any kind do not qualify.

Step 3 – The Nomination Announcement
The nominees will know if they are officially nominated when the list is released before the voting opens to the public. It will be posted on this website and the Facebook pages only. Please do not spam people or groups to get votes. Never speak ill of anyone or this organization. Anyone caught doing so will be removed and not welcomed back in the future. The purpose of awards is for everyone to be celebrated for their achievements.

Step 4 – Casting the Vote
There will be a maximum of 5 nominees in each category (in less otherwise stated for certain categories or the category didn’t meet 5 nominees). The public will be able to vote during a certain period of the dates starting September 12th through September 30th.

Step 5 – The Winners List
The winners list will be posted on this website. It will also be in bold and stated as winner next to the name. The winners will receive an custom angelic trophy with the text stating the category they won. There will also be a special section for winners titled Class of 2018.

Rouge Awards 2018 Categories

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