What’s new for 2018?

For the new year we decided it’s time for some changes. Now some changes will take longer and some of are obvious changes. Starting with the new url so please do update your bookmarks. Next is the menu arrangement and some new additions for next year.

Bloggers can now join our staff. This means if you want to become an official Rouge Blogger all you have to do is sign up. All bloggers have to go through the application process before being accepted. Sign up here.

All bloggers will receive The Author Role in WordPress. What does this mean?
Authors can publish, edit, or delete their own posts, but they can’t access anything created by other users. They also can’t create, edit, or delete pages. Authors can upload files into the Media Library and delete anything they have previously uploaded. In addition, Authors can moderate comments on their own posts.

Designers we have worked with over the years can also join but they will not be apart of the staff. They can check out our Magazine Advertise or Web Advertise. Only paying designers will be included. Do note the layout of the magazine will change starting January 2018.

The NEW url for the Website


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