Rouge Charity Awards 2017

The 1st Annual Rouge Charity Awards presented by Rouge Magazine is a branch that has been created to celebrate and support all things charity in the virtual world of Second Life. Charity events have been around Second Life since 2005. The purpose of the award is to recognize the excellence in all walks of the virtual world in the charity category.

The public is allowed to nominate in all the categories. In order for a charity to become nominated the organization must pass the criteria listed below. It is specifically designed with the law in mind to make sure all are eligible.

Nominations are OPEN until October 23rd

Step 1 – Becoming Eligible
In order to become eligible for a nomination the person(s) or organization must have at least 5 nominations from the public to secure a spot on the ballot. All public votes will be counted for and only those that are fully eligible will receive the nomination. Each category has the same set of rules.

All charity must have legal proof that he, she, or they have permission to raise funds to benefit their selected charity in real life. Must also have proof of donation transaction. Any charity raising funds without legal proof of letter is breaking the law.

Step 2 – The Nomination Announcement
The nominees will know if they are officially nominated when the list is released before the voting opens to the public. The list will be posted on this website.

Step 3 – Casting the Vote
There will be a maximum of 5 nominees in each category. The public will be able to vote during a certain period of the dates stated on the official press release.

Step 4 – The Winners List
The winners list will be posted on this website. It will also be in bold and stated as winner next to the name. The winners will receives a gold star trophy with the text stating the category they won. There will also be a special section for winners titled Class of 2017.

Visit Rouge Charity Categories page to view full list.

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